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Doggy Day Care Gloucester: Peace of mind for you and your dog

We are proud to be the longest established Doggy Day Care in Gloucester service under continuous ownership and management.

I began walking dogs 16 years ago back in 2003. I started searching for all careers that involved working with dogs, and was surprised to see that Doggy Day Care was a well known profession over in America, but hardly seen here, and especially not in Gloucestershire. Since then, Doggy Day Care and Dog Walking in this county has boomed, but we are the still the original, and our happy clients think we are the best.

Who we are:

Kev and I have both grown up with dogs and currently have three of our own. Elderly westie Abby and the Collie Twins, Maverick and Missy are the original gang at Scamp Camp HQ.

Our ethos has not changed in the 16 years of operation, making us unique in our market. Our love of dogs and their wellbeing comes first and foremost. They are never just pound sign. We don’t have embroidered jackets and baseball hats or big flashy sign written vans that tells anyone watching your house that you are out all day. We are a family run service, not a faceless, corporate looking website and attitude.

Every image you will find throughout our website is taken by myself whilst working and playing with the dogs, whilst out on our daily walks through the woods.

An Overview of how we work:

Kev and myself put the safety and happiness of your dog first and will always go above and beyond to give YOU peace of mind whilst your furbabies are with us.

We train all of our dogs to a whistle, and the older pups teach the new pups the pack rules. Treats, hugs, and fun are in abundance as you can see from the happy pictures of our current group walks.

We go through a rigorous interview process for all dogs wanting to join our Doggy Day Care Gloucester to ensure the safety of all. Your dog must be sociable with other dogs, they must also be happy to travel in our air-conditioned car as Kev travels around Gloucester collecting all the pups on the morning and evening routes.

A preference for Classic Rock Music is a plus!

After their exercise, the Doggy Day Care in Gloucester dogs are taken back to Scamp Camp HQ to Sheryl, where they are cleaned and dried, given a snack and drink and can choose to continue playing in the garden or to find a bed, open crate or lap to take well-earned nap.

Safe N Sound Doggy Day Care Gloucester is fully insured by Cliverton Animal Insurance and are qualified in Animal First Aid from Hartbury College, Cheltenham.


"Leaving our beloved ‘kids’ with someone was like having an arm ripped off and something that we had always avoided because of the worry and ‘what ifs’. In hindsight, we should have met Sheryl and Kev a long time before we actually did, as they welcomed our two scruffy mutts into their home and now they are regulars. They love going to Doggy Day Camp and we love it even more because they are completely tired and calm when we return home. The interaction they have in the day is great and it has helped to develop Brock’s socialization skills and eased her separation anxiety. Both Weasel and Brock love running free in the outdoors, and at SAFE N SOUND they really do get the best hill walks in the area. We have always found Sheryl to be flexible and approachable (and a life saver for us last year in the snow!) and the dogs always have a wagging tail when we drop them off, which in our opinion is the best sign that things are pretty good there!"

Mrs W, Shipton Oliffe

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Safe N Sound is fully insured by Cliverton Animal Insurance and are qualified in Animal First Aid from Hartbury College, Cheltenham.